General Rules and Information
  • All of MXCR Races at Haspin Acres Off Road Park will be closed course racing, the park will be shutdown with no open riding. Open Motocross may be subject to take place during MXCR's Events that will be conducted by Haspin Acres Staff.

  • All Riders are responsible for lining up on there designated starting rows for which the class they will be running in.
  • Classes will be listed on each starting row on the starting line.
  • Some classes may be subject to line up and or take off together in the same row 
  • Riders meeting will always be held on the starting line approximately 25 minutes before the designated take off time of the race.
  • All Cross Country Events will have the dead engine starting procedure.  There will be a 1 minute window in between each class as they start there race. (Example) If the race is set to take off at 10am, at 9:59 the blue flag will be waived indicating all racers to shut off there machines. Within 30 seconds, the starting official will extend the blue flag sideways giving the 10 second signal, anytime within 6-10 seconds the green flag will waive indicating the start of the designated class to take off.  After the start of each class the blue flag will waive and begin the 1 minute procedure in between each class so forth and so on until all classes have started there race.
  • The machine a rider leaves the Start Line with is the official machine of the rider for that event, and may not be switched during the event
  •  Riders missing the start of their class must enter the race course at the Start Line and complete the start chute.
  • All courses will consist of all types of terrain including rocks, roots, hills, creeks, mud, sand, and so on.
  • MXCR will always see to it that our starting field is prepped and groomed to the best that the weather will allow it to be. Some events may be subject to have motocross and or endurocross sections including jumps, logs, tires, and other obstacles.
  • There will be a new course laid out for each event, some courses may consist of some of the same sections from past events. Some events are subject to be laid out more challenging than others depending on conditions.
  • All courses will run 6 -12 miles in length depending on conditions
  • All courses will be marked to the best of the officials abilities to assure a safe and cautious course premitively easy as possible for riders to follow
  • No one, except officials and riders officially entered in the race program, may ride on the race course at any time during the event.
Race Length
  • All Races will race for the set amount of time for there race, plus 1 lap
  • All Pee Wee Races will race for 25 minutes when the white flag will be signaled, indicating the final lap.
  • All Youth Races will race for 45 minutes when the white flag will be signaled, indicating the final lap.
  • All Adult Races will race for 1 HR. and 45 MIN. when the white flag will be signaled, indicating the final lap.

Racing Regulations
  • Riders must remain on the marked course. The marked course is within 25 feet of race arrows.  However, riders must stay within the confines of the following markers:  double arrows posted on both sides of the trail, ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, motocross track, grass track, etc.
  • Riders may not cut to the inside of a pole corner marker.
  • If a rider leaves the course for any reason they must re-enter where they left the course.
  • Riders may make repairs and otherwise receive mechanical assistance anywhere along the course from anyone.  All such repairs and assistance must be made without causing interference with other riders and in a suitable area off the racetrack.  
  • The race officially ends for all contestants at the completion of the lap in which the checkered flag is displayed to the overall winner.
  • To be considered as having completed a lap, the rider and his machine must cross the plane of the checkered flag under the rider’s own unaided ability.
Inclement Weather
  • Events may be conducted regardless of weather conditions.  In the event of rain or other unfavorable conditions, it may be necessary to alter the order of the event schedule, including but not limited to, adjusting the length of the race or delaying or stopping the program completely.  Should a delay occur, every effort will be made to resume the schedule in a timely fashion if  conditions continue to improve.
Pit Crew 
  • Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew.
  • All Riders and there crews are responsible for leaving there pit areas free from hazardous materials and garbage before leaving the park.
Season end Banquet and awards​​
  • Points will be awarded to racers for each event they may qualify for points that will go towards the end of the season's championship banquet where racers will be ranked and awarded for their place in the series points system.
  • The Halloween 100 Team Race on October 23rd IS NOT a points race.
  • Racers must attend atleast 6 out of the 7 "points scheduled events" to qualify for the season's end championship banquet , allowing them to 1 DNF per season.
  • Banquet will be scheduled after the season points races have ended for 2016. 
Flag and sign signal meanings
  • Yellow Flag: Signals riders to use caution/rider down/slow down.
  • Blue Flag: Signals riders to shut down there machines. Also indicates riders that an action is about to take place.
  • Green Flag: Signals riders to go/start their machines
  • Red Flag: Signals Riders to stop Racing
  • White Flag: Signals riders to remain racing for one more lap/final lap.
  • Checkered Flag: Signals riders the end of the race/finish
  • Stop Signs: Signals riders to stop (used only going through scoring or other checkpoints throughout the course
  • Arrows: Indidcates riders where the racetrack is directed. (Arrows pointed straight up indicates riders to go straight or upwards such as a hill on the course. (Arrows pointed straight down indicates riders that the course is descending or going downhill. (Arrows pointed anywhere but straight to 90 degrees is indicating riders the course will be turning or veering off to whichever direction the arrow is pointing
  • DangerX Arrows: Indicates riders of a technical or dangerous section of the course
  • W or Wrong Arrows: Indicates riders they are proceeding the wrong way on the course and need to turn around to proceed the right direction in which the course is marked
  • Yellow Moose Tape: Indicates riders there is a boarder to the course
  • White stake post: Indicates riders a corner marker on the course
  • Special colored Arrows Appointed by Officials: Can be Pro-level lines in the course, can also be an alternate route in the course intended for other races the day of an event