2016 Halloween 100 Race format
7 am: -9am: Open riding on the youth course to all Youth riders
All Youth Riders must Register in the Race Entry Barn for open riding
Adult Bike Race
9:30 am: Adult Bikes to the starting Line for Riders Meeting                     10 am: Adult Bike Start 
Adult ATV Race
1:30 pm: Adult ATV'S to the starting line for Riders Meeting
2 pm: Adult ATV Start
Classes For Adult Bikes and ATV'S
  • Ironman A Single Racer
  • Ironman B  Single Racer
  • Open A Team Class
  • Open B Team Class
  • Open C Team Class
  • Beginner Team Class

Entry Fee's
Youth Open Riding:            20$
Adult Ironman Classes:    30$
Adult Team Classes :          55$

Halloween 100 Team Race Rules
  • Both the ATV and Bike Race will race for 2 hours and 45 minutes + 1 Lap

  • Team Racers are to complete 1 full lap before tagging out with there partner, Team Racers may only do 1 lap before tagging out there partner, meaning 1 racer in a team class cannot do 2 laps before tagging in his partner.

  • All team racers must tag in tag out in the designated tag out section that will be set up in the starting field.

  • All Team Racers must make contact before there partner can leave the designated tag in tag out field to begin there lap